The inspiration for this residence was the Carroll House in the Garden District designed by Samuel Jamison. It was built for Joseph Carroll, a Virginian who became one of the most successful cotton merchants in New Orleans. This spectacular home has many elaborate Italianate features, especially the ornate cast-iron work on the double galleries. In the postwar years, many Garden District homes took on a more romantic look with such ornamentation and by the late 1860s, a great amount of architectural cast-iron was being produced in local New Orleans foundries. The Sweet Bottom home also has a carriage house based on the New Orleans original, including a representation of the original's exterior stucco deterioration.
St. Elisabeth Square - New Orleans
Era: Victorian
Style: Italianate (1840-1870)
3850 St. Elisabeth Square
Carroll House – 1315 First Street, New Orleans (1870)
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