Skirting major damage in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Civil War, Savannah persevered through both Reconstruction and the economic wrench of King Cotton's demise. The city brimmed with southern cultural allure, history, art, architecture and tradition.

Savannah is branded as “Georgia's First City,‟ given that it became the first city developed after General James Oglethorpe founded the southernmost English colony with 120 settlers on ground above the Savannah River in 1733.

Thanks to Oglethorpe's plan, the city was laid out with 24 perfectly arranged squares. Today all but three remain. Each of the squares is a tree-shaded garden, many with a monument dedicated to an individual with ties to the city, or a fountain. Elegant homes with rich architectural style and detailing surround each square. Like Charleston and New Orleans, Savannah has its own unique character of beauty and romantic mystique.

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