This residence was inspired by a house built in 1797 for John Mongin, a planter of Sea Island cotton. The structure originally faced Savannah's Warren Square, named for the Revolutionary War hero who died at Bunker Hill. In 1876, the house served as a hospital during Savannah's Yellow Fever epidemic. It was relocated in the 1960s to an adjacent corner of Habersham Street and restored. The Georgian design has an entry portico with pediment and is supported by twin Doric columns. A narrow entablature with triglyphic detailing extends across the front elevation, adding a classic architectural element.
St. Anne's Court - Savannah
Era: Colonial
Style: Georgian (1720-1840)
3813 St. Anne’s Court
Mongin –Carswell House – 24 Habersham Street, Savannah (1797)
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