Built in 1860 for Abraham Minis II, the original Savannah house was designed by architect Stephen Decatur Button. A well-known Northeastern classicist, Button designed numerous buildings in the South including the Alabama State Capitol building in Montgomery. His pioneering work with metal-frame/skeletal structures was 30 years before the method was first used in tall office buildings. Button's commercial building design in Philadelphia significantly influenced the architecture of Louis Sullivan, known as “the father of modernism”. However, Button's impact on Sullivan was not recognized by historians until the mid-20th century. Upon relocating his family from Philadelphia to Camden, New Jersey, Button's next-door neighbor was the American poet Walt Whitman.
St. Anne's Court - Savannah
Era: Antebellum
Style: Italianate (1840-1870)
3823 St. Anne’s Court
204 East Jones St. Street, Savannah (1860)
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