The Georgian style mansion that inspired this Muirfield Square home was built by William Gibbes, a Charleston merchant, ship owner and planter, sometime between 1772 and 1788. In 1794 the home was purchased by Sarah Smith who remodeled portions of the building in the Adamesque style, including the front marble steps. The combination of the two styles gives the house its architecturally rich appearance. Mrs. W. A. Roebling, widow of Washington A. Roebling (who with his father John August Roebling designed and built the Brooklyn Bridge in 1869-83) purchased the property in the 1920s.
Muirfield Square - Charleston
Era: Colonial
Style: Georgian (1720-1840) / Adams (1798-1822)
3961 Muirfield Square
Gibbes House – 64 South Battery, Charleston (1772)
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