This 2 ½ story house was based on a Greek Revival three-bay, side hall plan originally designed to limit 19th century property tax liability as determined by street frontage. An original example of this style was one of the first homes in the New Orleans Garden District designed by James Gallier, Sr. in 1847 for John W. Gayle. The layout runs deep with additional area gained by extending rooms into rear side yards and making a half-story in the center. Round, unfluted Greek Revival columns support the double covered galleries and are crowned with classical Corinthian acanthus leaf capitals, while the graceful cast-iron railing adds a touch of romance. Gallery ceilings of the Sweet Bottom house are painted pale blue “to ward off flying insects and evil spirits”, as dictated by New Orleans folklore.
Turnberry Court - New Orleans
Era: Antebellum
Style: Greek Revival (1820-1860)
3776 Turnberry Court
1236 First Street, New Orleans (1847)
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