Sweet Bottom Plantation is a unique and secluded private residential community bordering the Chattahoochee River in Duluth, Georgia, about 30 miles Northeast of Atlanta.

The original concept for Sweet Bottom Plantation was to create a residential environment influenced by the personality and welcoming feeling of traditional American towns. To attain a diversity of styles, Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah and New England, known for their gracious residences, became the primary inspirations. Specific historical homes were selected for the purpose of providing inspirational character and feeling. The intention was not to simply create precise replicas.

Careful adaptation and craftsmanship of varying vernacular architectural styles, with associated elements, scales, proportions, details, materials, landscaping and site plan densities would create a vibrant and human scale neighborhood. Most importantly, the character of every house would be unique, resulting in a feeling of harmonious diversity and avoiding "cookie-cutter" sameness. Sweet Bottom Plantation was developed as a special collection of historically inspired residences while embodying comfortable and high quality, modern amenities.